MEI Prepared Plates

MEI Prepared Media Plates

(membrane-Enterococcus Indoxyl-B-D-Glucoside)

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MEI Prepared Plates
MEI Prepared Plates for Enterococcus








EPA Approved Method 1600  for Enterococcus bacteria

  • Drop ship direct to your facility via UPS WorldShip.
  • 90 Day Expiration
  • Each prepared plate comes ready to use and includes prepared media in a sterile petri dish. 
  • All you need is the membrane filter to run the sample and then simply place the filter on the prepared plate and incubate according to the method.
  • Because MEI contains a special chromogen, it is a one-step confirmation, simply count the Blue colonies with a halo and report!
  • Every order ships with expiration date tag on each sleeve.
  • Quality control documents, SDS and packing slip included with each order.
  • All products unconditionally guaranteed if stored and used as directed, and have not passed the stated expiration date.
  • Get Great Results, and Save Money Too.
  • Use ’em – Love ’em, and share’m with  your lab friends!

NPDES approved for reporting.

All plates guaranteed sterile and able to culture enterococci using the approved membrane filtration methodology.

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