Aquaplates Prepared Media Plates

USEPA/NPDES Approved Methods

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Modified m-TEC
Modified m-TEC for E. coli
MEI Prepared Plates
MEI for Enterococcus
mFC media
mFC for Fecal Coliforms

   $2.29 / plate        $ 2.99  / plate        $1.79 / plate

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Modified m-TEC:  $2.29/plate

MEI:     $2.99/ plate

m-FC:  $1.79/ plate

Environmental Laboratory Technicians –

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Culturing E. coli, fecal Coliforms, or Enterococci is a breeze with our USEPA / NPDES approved prepared media plates. Pass your DMRQA with confidence!

Perfect for wastewater effluent monitoring and reporting, surface water studies, and industrial compliance.

We drop ship from our manufacturing site directly to your facility.

Each shipment includes a full quality control sheet along with instructions for usage.

No worries – our plates are unconditionally guaranteed so you’ll always have satisfied Laboratory Techs and satisfactory results!

Click this sentence to go to our quick presentation of membrane filtration for E. coli using modified m-TEC EPA 1603